The Best HIPAA Compliant Fax Companies 2022

HIPAA Fax Guide tested the largest and most popular HIPAA Compliant Fax Services in February of 2022. Many of these companies offer basic low volume plans for small healthcare providers all the way to large enterprise plans and electronic health records system integration.

Here are the results;

We considered several factors ranging from price to successful fax completion. We put a heavy weight on fax completion because additional features are meaningless if you can’t get the fax to complete in the first place, but the companies we reviewed offer many features that are designed to create a positive experience for the general medical office. All the services we tested offered a BAA.

We also evaluated services with OCR (Optical character recognition) and SSO services (Single Sign on). Some services had MFP integrations that we tested with our Xerox, HP and Canon MFPs. All services offered a BAA as well.

Best Overall




  • Best fax completion rate by far.
  • Heavy focus on security.
  • Multiple SSO options available.
  • Excellent OCR option.


Best MFP Integration.




  • Great support for copier integration.
  • Great completion rate.
  • Clear user guides.
  • Many native MFP integration apps.

Best App Based Service.




  • Easy to use app interface.
  • FREE option for low volume users.
  • In app signature option.
  • Likely HIPAA compliant with proper mobile safeguards.


Best Pricing




  • $7.95 for 200 pages per month.
  • Phone support available.
  • TLS 1.2 encryption.
  • Not the best completion rate.